Updated: Sep 21

Judge : Sally Leslie (Risdene)

143 Dogs 158 Entries

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Best in Show: Yorkpiece Fiery Lucifer (IMP CZE)

Reserve Best in Show: Otterbobs Dutchess

Best Opostite Sex in Show: Otterbobs Dutchess

Best Puppy in Show: Tarkaswell Highland Fling

Best Veteran in Show: Ch Smalesmouth Skylark

Dog CC: Yorkpiece Fiery Lucifer (IMP CZE)

Reserve Dog CC: Thistlestone Glenfiddich

Best Puppy Dog: Aclumlow Aramis

Bitch CC: Otterbobs Dutchess

Reserve Bitch CC: Ch Smalesmouth Skylark

Best Puppy Bitch: Tarkaswell Highland Fling

Minor Puppy Dog 6 Entries 0 Abs

1st Ragatam Eros

2nd Awbrooksky Never Back Down

3rd Worldly Wise Plushcourt

Res Arunmere Midnight Cowboy

VHC Rockslade Romeo's Revenge

Puppy Dog 5 Entries 1 Abs

1st Aclumlow Aramis

2nd Worldly Wise Plushcourt

3rd Otterholme Ulysses

Res Grand Boy


Junior Dog 7 Entries 1 Absent

1st Otterbobs Brimmer

2nd Gwynfe Carreg Glas of Foxchapel

3rd Chesterton Merlot

Res Grand Boy

VHC Ankiestaz One Two

Yearling Dog 3 Entries 0 Abs

1st Mansergh History of Art

2nd Badgerbeck The King Edward

3rd Kevrah Orion Seeking Orangebox (IMP USA)

Res -


Novice Dog 7 Entries 0 Abs

1st Baillieswells Kilchoman

2nd Badgerbeck The King Edward

3rd Rockslade Romeo Revenge

Res Balin Rockfoot

VHC Glenaig Last Man Out

Graduate Dog 7 Entries 2 Abs

1st Skyeisia Blue Reflection

2nd Botterox Chaos

3rd Fisherbloom Don't Stop Me Now At Louajak

Res Balin Rockfoot

VHC Maxwell Town Thistle

Post Graduate Dog 5 Entries 1 Abs

1st Howthwaite Gentil Duke At Tilmoray

2nd Rhozzum Worrick

3rd Cedarhill Front of House

Res Borderby's Return to Sender For Clipstone (Swed Imp)


Limit Dog 6 Entries 0 Abs

1st Thistlestone Glenfiddich

2nd Otterbobs Tolson

3rd Glen Mara Oh Viedo at Kersfell (IMO FRA) JW

Res Hawcoat Super Trooper

VHC Achouffee McKay's Fable of Redesholt

Open Dog 4 Entries 2 Abs

1st Yorkpiece Fiery Lucifer (IMP CZE)

2nd Chatmos Buttet Tooth Tony JW

3rd -

Res -


Veteran Dog 5 Entreis 2 Abs

1st Ch Badgerbeck Uncle Fester

2nd Clipstone Starshine

3rd Bristoc Rock the Boat at Bluebabel

Res -


Special Open Working Dog or Bitch 2 Entries 1 Abs

1st Ch Badgerbeck Uncle Fester





Minor Puppy Bitch 13 Entries 4 Abs

1st Tarkaswell Highland Fling

2nd Rockslade Ravashing

3rd Benattivo Silver Flame

Res Rockslade Russian Roulette

VHC Ragatam Elegant

Puppy Bitch 8 Entries 2 Abs

1st Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky

2nd Picer Bess Pool

3rd Otterholme Underground

Res Power Lady

VHC Stenigot Black Pudding

Junior Bitch 8 Entries 4 Abs

1st Bluebabel Gypsy Heart

2nd Chesterton Tickety Boo

3rd Dottie Pip By Dassett

Res Glenaig First Lady of Drachenhaus


Yearling Bitch 7 Entries 2 Abs

1st Emblehope Let's Dance at Redesholt

2nd Tarkaswell High Fidelity

3rd Thistlestone Pumpkin Pie

Res Clydebeck Tanzanite

VHC Rhozzum Wood Lark

Novice Bitch 13 Entries 4 Abs

1st Mansergh Paint the Dream

2nd Rhozzum Thisbe

3rd Olliesorchid Dame of Ragatam

Res Dottie Pip By Dassett

VHC Rockslade Russian Roulette

Graduate Bitch 8 Entries 3 Abs

1st Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky

2nd Mansergh Paint the Dream

3rd Totherend Greta Garbo

Res Ankietaz Chillaxing

VHC Twigglestone Serendipity

Post Gradulate Bitch 20 Entries 5 Abs

1st Bandicoot Avenger

2nd Chesterton Notre Dame with Plushcourt

3rd Tarkaswell Sea the Stars

Res Hawcoat Patience

VHC Totherend Myrna Loy

Limit Bitch 6 Entries 3 Abs

1st Picer Isabel Derby

2nd Hawcoat Step In Time

3rd Badgerbeck Tiny Dancer at Bluebabel

Res -


Open Bitch 12 Entries 3 Abs

1st Otterbobs Dutchess

2nd Alcumlow Bloom JW

3rd Smalesmouth Cadence

Res Picer Martha Logen

VHC Ch Benattivo Fire Flower JW

Veteran Bitch 10 Entries 2 Abs

1st Ch Smalesmouth Skylark

2nd Abisu Domino

3rd Ch Benattivo Faberge JW

Res Hunted Thistle at Thislewhiss

VHC Clydebeck Solitaire