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Updated: Dec 27, 2021

18th September 2021

Judge : Sally Leslie (Risdene)

143 Dogs 158 Entries

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Best in Show: Yorkpiece Fiery Lucifer (IMP CZE)

Reserve Best in Show: Otterbobs Dutchess

Best Opostite Sex in Show: Otterbobs Dutchess

Best Puppy in Show: Tarkaswell Highland Fling

Best Veteran in Show: Ch Smalesmouth Skylark

Dog CC: Yorkpiece Fiery Lucifer (IMP CZE)

Reserve Dog CC: Thistlestone Glenfiddich

Best Puppy Dog: Aclumlow Aramis

Bitch CC: Otterbobs Dutchess

Reserve Bitch CC: Ch Smalesmouth Skylark

Best Puppy Bitch: Tarkaswell Highland Fling

Judges Critique

Congratulations to the committee on finding a splendid new venue. It is so nice to be able to evaluate exhibits in natural surrounding and this was ideal. I understand some did not care completely for the ground but while some exhibits did not excel on the terrain those that did displayed good conformation and moved accordingly.

Generally: there were some mouth faults present today which affected some results in the context of the classes they were in and the degree of the fault. Fronts came in many shapes and sizes not all straight and narrow unfortunately and I was surprised at the number of large and rather thin, spreading feet. Finally I just want to get off my chest that for me the term racy hindquarters does not carry with it a high tuck up.

The unexpected heat, especially in the earlier classes, was a little overwhelming and I thought both exhibits and exhibitors coped admirably. I loved my line ups and very much appreciated my entry, thank you.

Thanks also to my stewards who in these strange times were really kept at it all day.

Minor Puppy Dog 6 Entries 0 Abs

1st Ragatam Eros (Miss T Peacock)

Narrow and lithe, front a little untidy but most in this class were babyish in forehand construction in one way or another. Good in outline, shapely quarters, good neck, head will come on as has all the essentials. Fabulous teeth and good jaw. Bone and size ideal.

2nd Awbrooksky Never Back Down (Mr R & Miss L Goddard)

A little less mature but smart and of reasonable proportions, easily spanned and lots to like

3rd Worldly Wise Plushcourt (Mrs B A Judge)

Very nice type, not in best jacket and could be more enthusiastic moving but readily spanned, well formed all through and should progress well

Res Arunmere Midnight Cowboy (Mrs A J Parsons)

VHC Rockslade Romeo’s Revenge (Mr K Phillips)

Puppy Dog 5 Entries 1 Abs

1st Alcumlow Aramis (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

Lovely blue and tan of ideal size and comes to hand and spans easily. Pleasing expression, skull satisfactory. Good legs and feet, wellmade front and rear assembly. Moved out nicely and showed himself to advantage. BPD

2nd Worldly Wise Plushcourt (Mrs B A Judge)

3rd Otterholme Ulysses (Ms T Jones)

Strong dog, somewhat heavy, however nicely made, typical head, good coat but moved very puppyish.

Res Grand Boy (Mrs J Cox)


Junior Dog 7 Entries 1 Absent

1st Otterbobs Brimmer (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)

Quality individual, appeals for make and shape. Otter head with strong under jaw and nicely shaped, typical eye. Head set on well on good neck, good topline, stands balanced on short rear pasterns. Good pelt and tail. Moved efficiently.

2nd Gwynfe Carreg Glas of Foxchapel (Mr W & Mrs V Davies)

A nice example who strode out well to gain this place. Liked his skull and head pattern generally. Good coat and pelt. Well proportioned.

3rd Chesterton Merlot (Mr A J & Mrs W Mooney)

Racy, easy to span and good to handle, true expression, nice all through but not quite as positive in action

Res Grand Boy (Mrs J Cox)

VHC Ankietaz One Two (Miss J WindsorHichens & Mr A Lee)

Yearling Dog 3 Entries 0 Abs

1st Mansergh History of Art (Miss D Wills)

Supple, fit and well built on active lines. He looks like he could do the job he was made for. Good angulation throughout, well ribbed back and good in loin. Well proportioned head, pleasing expression, good big teeth. I liked him a lot.

2nd Badgerbeck The King Edward (Miss L M Jenkins)

Typical exhibit, good for size, make and shape. Good legs and feet.

3rd Kevrah Orion Seeking Orangebox (Mr M & Mrs T Anscombe)

Sound and excels with tight, harsh coat and good pelt. May not look big in outline but a shade too well boned for me and comes up heavy and hard to span. Lovely expression.

Res -


Novice Dog 7 Entries 0 Abs

1st Baillieswells Kilchoman (Professor A S Milton)

Lovely, well constructed dog, in very good order and ticks most of the boxes. Good for size and proportion, nice head and expression, possibly a little out of ring practice to best advertise his virtues but not to be denied here

2nd Badgerbeck The King Edward (Miss L M Jenkins)

3rd Rockslade Romeo’s Revenge (Mr K Phillips)

Very much a puppy, in good coat and pelt, preferred him for size but needs to settle

Res Balin Rockfoot (Mrs P Frape)

VHC Glenaig Last Man Out (Miss C Spencer)

Graduate Dog 7 Entries 2 Abs

1st Skyeisla Blue Reflection (Mr D Haugh)

Headed 2 nice blues neither quite perfect in front. Liked the outlook of 1. Nice skull and foreface, liked his neck and shoulder placement, good top line and underline, well ribbed back and strong loin, well made quarters, good tail

2nd Botterox Chaos (Miss S Hillman)

Very hard trimmed underneath which took me aback. I prefer our breed to be as naturally prepared as possible. Nevertheless good proportions, liked the quality of his bone, well bodied and typy .

3rd Fisherbloom Dont Stop Me Now At Louajak (Miss C Gwilliam)

Handsome, appealing head, loved his size and was easy to span but a little straight in angulation fore and aft and feet were placed at 10 to 2.

Res Balin Rockfoot (Mrs P Frape)

VHC Maxwelltown Thistle (Ms C Finigan)

Post Graduate Dog 5 Entries 1 Abs

1st Howthwaite Gentil Duke At Tilmoray (Mrs M Small)

Beautifully true blue and tan. Narrow and racy but not lacking in strength where required. Could have had a little more undercoat today but nice outline, correct bone, excellent top line kept well on the move. Good skull, eye and ear placement. Preferred movement and overall coat generally to 2.

2nd Rhozzum Worrick (Mrs M Sharp)

Not particularly showy but such a nice type. Built on classic lines, lacking coat but all through made correctly, narrow, nice neck, workmanlike with typical angulation

3rd Cedarhill Front Of House (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)

Nice type, shows well. Good expression but not so tidy in front as I would like, well muscled

Res Borderby's Return To Sender For Clipstone (Miss E & Mrs J Jackson)


Limit Dog 6 Entries 0 Abs

1st Thistlestone Glenfiddich (Mr S Whisker & Miss J May)

One of those that catches the eye from all directions and for good reason as it was hard to find many points I wanted to change from head to toe. In perfect fettle, fit and toned but nothing overdone. So typical with good, normal conformation and movement to match, really strides out. Correct forehand with good neck and shoulders and legs and well padded feet which he stands on evenly. Excellent rear assembly with nicely developed second thigh and good rear pasterns. Well bodied with good rib. Lovely bright expression. RCC.

2nd Otterbobs Tolson (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)

Another excellent example. Lovely dog all through. Classic otter head with typical skull and strength of muzzle and appealing expression. Not quite the feet of the winner and slightly more upright in stance but splitting hairs as something had to divide them in this excellent class, well presented and stylish mover.

3rd Glen Mara Oh Viedo At Kersfell JW (Mrs M Sneddon)

Not disgraced here, good all over with many admirable virtues, good bone, size, easily spanned. Lovely varminty expression, sound mover

Res Hawcoat Super Trooper (Mrs E J & Miss R C Larner)

VHC Achouffe McKay's Fable of Redesholt (Mrs S McKay)

Open Dog 4 Entries 2 Abs

1st CH Yorkpiece Fiery Lucifer (Mrs J L Lee)

Top notch blue epitomising breed type, well moulded skull with sufficient strength of fore face and engaging, typical expression. Lovely straight, narrow front with best of legs and feet. Correct width and depth of chest, good length of body and strength of loin, effortlessly stands completely balanced. Good harsh, dense coat, indeed put down to perfection. Moved like he should from his superior construction, ground covering in profile and true fore and aft. Well deserved CC and BIS

Looks ready for anything

2nd Chatmoss Bullet Tooth Tony JW (Miss J Hughes)

Typy and although not quite the flow of 1 on the move today benefits from many good points to produce an honest, likeable exhibit. Well proportioned throughout, spannable, correct angulation. Satisfactory head pattern with intelligent, keen expression

Veteran Dog 5 Entreis 2 Abs

1st CH Badgerbeck Uncle Fester (Miss L M Jenkins)

Very good overall type as one would expect and handles well. Left to his own devices he showed his excellent qualities with good height to length ratios, and outline generally. Accurate and true moving. Lovely correct bone, legs and feet. Scored in skull and expression.

2nd Clipstone Starshine (Miss E & Mrs J Jackson)

Somewhat more upright in outlook but really does know how to make the best of himself. Very likeable expression, super coat and excellent pelt.

3rd Bristoc Rock The Boat at Bluebabel (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yates)

Not overshadowed. Very good coat and pelt, lovely hindquarters, carries himself well.

Res -


Special Open Working Dog or Bitch 2 Entries 1 Abs

1st Ch Badgerbeck Uncle Fester





Minor Puppy Bitch 13 Entries 4 Abs

1st Tarkaswell Highland Fling (Mrs C E Sansom)

Pretty with good head pattern this very promising youngster handles beautifully, light and spannable and looks game. True type, well constructed with everything is in its place and moved so well for a baby. Readily coped with the undulations of the ground which some more mature exhibits found taxing. Unsurprising perhaps with her lovely forehand construction, straight and narrow with good legs and feet, but I also admired how she used her quarters. Just right for her age. BP

2nd Rockslade Ravishing (Mrs D E Harris)

Typical and sound. In full coat with lovely dense undercoat. Underneath I found correct bone and frame and better in shoulder than initial viewing indicated. Nice expression, showed well.

3rd Benattivo Silver Flame (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling)

Another good example, feminine blue, built on pleasing lines and good to go over but would not want her any longer in body. Should continue to progress well. Lovely outgoing temperament and free showed to advantage.

Res Rockslade Russian Roulette (Miss G Lowe & Mr T Miles)

VHC Ragatam Elegant (Miss T Peacock)

Puppy Bitch 8 Entries 2 Abs

1st Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky (Mrs K D Stockley)

Headed a lovely pair of puppies. Just preferred the head and expression of this one offering that breed character so typical. Lovely bone, size and put down beautifully. Racy but nothing overdone. In later classes remained settled on the move and also another well able to show her paces on the undulating ground. Fought some good battles today, did not flag and definitely held her own

2nd Picer Bess Pool (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

Appealing exhibit, good in size and construction with the required length of rib and strong loin I like while still feminine all through. Moved nicely.

3rd Otterholme Underground (Ms T Jones)

Exhibited in full coat and as I do not require them to be polished like statues I was happy to find the nicely made example underneath. Happy character but with a little bit to do next to the more forward 1 and 2.

Res Power Lady (Mrs J Cox)

VHC Stenigot Black Pudding (Mrs Bell)

Junior Bitch 8 Entries 4 Abs

1st Bluebabel Gypsy Heart (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yeates)

I liked her size and overall type. Ok for bone. Could be a tad stronger in skull and muzzle but nevertheless pleasing expression with good shaped and placed eye. Neck and shoulders satisfactory, well ribbed back and consequently has a more correct underline. In excellent coat and with correct pelt.

2nd Chesterton Tickety Boo (Mr A J & Mrs W Mooney & Mrs B Judge)

Sadly in her underclothes but certainly revealed classy body lines. Good bone and easily spannable but I think she could have carried a little more weight to advantage. Good neck and shoulder with correct forearm. Nicely expressive eye.

3rd Dottie Pip by Dassett (Mrs S Spafford)

A tad upright fore and aft and more solidly built than 1 and 2 but showing well

Res Glenaig First Lady of Drachenhaus (Mr G W Smith & Miss M Holland)


Yearling Bitch 7 Entries 2 Abs

1st Emblehope Let's Dance At Redesholt (Mrs S McKay)

Blue built on good lines, could perhaps be a fraction longer in leg but shapely, workmanlike and nothing overdone, lovely head and expression with fabulous eye shape and placement. Gorgeous legs and feet, good reach of neck, bend of stifle and strong quarters. Lovely coat and pelt.

2nd Tarkaswell High Fidelity (Mrs C E Samsom)

Has many plus points. Very good size, comes to hand well with good height to length ratios. Liked her in the head department with typical expression. Moved effectively.

3rd Thistlestone Pumkin Pie (Mr S Whisker & Miss J May)

Very nice type, well put together with many excellent qualities but was not so accurate on the move

Res Clydebeck Tanzanite (Mrs S & Mr M & Miss J Taylor)

VHC Rhozzum Wood Lark (Miss R Bevan)

Novice Bitch 13 Entries 4 Abs

1st Mansergh Paint The Dream (Miss A Roslin Williams)

Headed a lovely trio. Animated example of very good make and shape who carries herself beautifully. Blue clearing. Just right in substance, narrow and easily spanned. Head well proportioned with good ear placement, might benefit from a slightly darker eye but it is in harmony with coat and does not adversely affect keen expression. Straight in front, good legs and correctly sized well padded tight feet, clean, well laid neck and shoulder, racy, soundly made quarters. Moves freely and accurately when settled.

2nd Rhozzum Thisbe (Mrs F Wingrave)

Good tweedy B/T. A sound, honest border. Lovely temperament, typical head and eye, well bodied, spannable, liked her a lot.

3rd Olliesorchid Dame at Ragatam (Miss T J Peacock)

A bit of a heartbreaker, ticks all the boxes with super outline standing but lost out on front action.

Res Dottie Pip at Dassett (Mrs S Spafford)

VHC Rockslade Russian Roulette (Miss G Lowe & Mr T Miles)

Graduate Bitch 8 Entries 3 Abs

1st Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky (Mrs K D Stockley)

2nd Mansergh Paint The Dream (Miss A Roslin Williams)

3rd Totherend Greta Garbo (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)

A good example of the breed in full coat with tidy and typical framework underneath. Preferred the length of bone of 1 and 2 and economy of gait but did like this exhibit for her skull and foreface and pretty expression.

Res Ankietaz Chillaxing

VHC Twigglestone Serendipity

Post Gradulate Bitch 20 Entries 5 Abs

1st Bandicoot Avenger (Mrs V L K Docwra)

Headed a pleasing class. Very sound exhibit presented in hard, fit condition and well made all through. Scores in otterlike head and keen expression with well moulded skull and correct foreface. Body of correct depth and narrow, strong through the loin region, good tail well set on nicely constructed quarters when handled.

2nd Chesterton Notre Dame With Plushcourt (Mr A J & Mrs W Mooney & Mrs B Judge)

Really liked this exhibit a lot. Not quite using her ears to best advantage but beautifully made with good length of bone, well proportioned, and moved well if lacking a little of the enthusiasm of 1. Well shaped typical head.

3rd Tarkaswell Sea The Stars (Mrs C E Sansom)

Seemingly a little less mature than 1 and 2 but that is not a fault and this was a hotly contested class by all exhibits placed and beyond. Correct size as appears to be typical of this kennel, good outline, refined and workmanlike. Moved out well.

Res Hawcoat Patience (Mrs E J & Miss R C Larner)

VHC Totherend Myrna Loy (Mr R G & Mrs E A Wright)

Limit Bitch 6 Entries 3 Abs

1st Picer Isabel Derby (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

A lovely specimen presented in a natural tweedy coat. Good pelt. Super wellmade quarters with proper upright rear pasterns. Well padded typical feet. Lovely headpiece and expression that I was looking for. Good neck. Strides out powerfully but with economy.

2nd Hawcoat Step in Time (Mrs E J & Miss R C Larner)

Preferred the shoulder and upper arm of 1 nevertheless much to like, typy with close weatherproof coat, moved evenly and freely. Feminine and pretty in head and expression.

3rd Badgerbeck Tiny Dancer At Bluebabel (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yeates)

Straightforward Border, a bit longer cast. Good size. Nice tight underline.

Res -


Open Bitch 12 Entries 3 Abs

1st Otterbobs Duchess (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)

Not a clearcut choice by any means. I loved my lineup. Today I could not overlook 1, bred in the purple and the complete package. Loved her workmanlike handiness and spannability, she really looked capable of a days work. Owner of a very good, well proportioned otterhead. Good ear placement. Lovely expression. Well made forehand, good in rib, strength of loin and nicely constructed quarters that she used to advantage with just the right amount of propulsion. Moved well coming and going. CC and RBIS

2nd Alcumlow Bloom JW (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber)

Very good looking, example I have written about before and do not have any reason to change my opinion. I quite thought she would be my reserve CC winner as she really is a class act but the excellent veteran spoilt the party

3rd Smalesmouth Cadence (Mrs J Roberts)

Such a good one, just preferred the head and expression of 1 and 2 but her body lines are exemplary and she moved really proficiently as a result

Res Picer Martha Logen (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

VHC CH Benattivo Fire Flower JW (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling)

Veteran Bitch 10 Entries 2 Abs

1st CH Smalesmouth Skylark (Mrs J Roberts)

8 years of age and carrying her years very lightly. In prime condition, lovely outline and full of quality. Fills the eye and fits the standard beautifully. Feminine expression, appeals in head shape with correct skull and foreface, head well set on clean neck which flows into her shoulders, good firm top line which she kept as she should on the move, well ribbed back and correct underline. Very sound and covered the ground effortlessly. Could not be denied in the challenge. RCC

2nd Abisu Domino (Mr C Kerry & Miss L E Westland)

Somewhat of a charmer, carrying a little more timber than desirable but good to go over constructionwise and she was certainly exhibiting the sort of coat and pelt that would defeat the worst of the weather and any adversarial conditions. Very shapely.

3rd CH Benattivo Faberge JW (Mr C & Mrs S Girling)

Another very good one. All the right elements in all the right places. Showed her head off and I would not have believed she was 11.

Res Hunted Thistle At Thistlewhiss (Miss A J Sutton & Mr M Sugden)

VHC Clydebeck Solitaire (Mrs S & Mr M & Miss J Taylor)


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