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To be held prior to the Open Show on


Starting At 10:00am

​Churchdown Community Centre, Parton Road, Gloucester GL3 2JH


The business conducted at Annual General Meetings shall be to receive the report of the Committee and the audited balance sheet and income and expenditure account for the financial year, to elect Officers, President and Vice-Presidents, set subscriptions and to discuss any resolutions duly placed on the agenda of which prior notice has been given to the Secretary. No business shall be transacted at an Annual General Meeting unless notice appears on the Agenda, with the exception of routine matters or those which in the opinion of the Chairman of the Meeting are urgent. At least thirty days notice shall be given by the Secretary by advertisement via the Club Website and publication in the Dog Press of the date, time and place of the Annual General Meeting, the date time and place of the Annual General Meeting will also be printed in the Club's Yearbook circulated to all members.

Items for inclusion in the Agenda of a General Meeting must be given in writing to the Secretary not less than thirty days before the date of the General Meeting and must be proposed and seconded by fully paid up members. Nominations for the Committee must be submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than fourteen days before a General Meeting and nominations for the Committee must be signed by two fully paid up members of at least five years standing who will act as proposer and seconder.

The Agenda will be posted on the Club Website and the Minutes will be circulated at the meeting. However, any fully paid-up member may request in advance a copy of both the Agenda and Minutes by applying to the Secretary 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.

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