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Having a Border Terrier as part of your family offers a great and rewarding relationship with a range of benefits.  They provide companionship, teach responsibility, promote good physical and mental health and may even broaden your social life and introduce you to new hobbies. 


The Southern Border Terrier Club aims to support responsible dog ownership and dog breeding.  The Club is happy to help existing and potential owners with breed information and advice on how to find a breeder, but the club does not keep a record of puppies available or normally give out breeders contact details without prior permission.

Are You Ready For Dog Ownership?

Dog ownership is a long-term commitment which should not be undertaken without proper research.  Anyone thinking about getting a dog or puppy should first ask themselves if this is right for them and for the animal.  Potential dog owners need to ensure they are ready to invest the time and resources which responsible dog ownership entails. A good place to start your research is on the Kennel Club Website.

Choosing the Right Breed

Once you have decided that getting a dog right for you, your next step is to find the right breed.  The Kennel Club recognises 218 different breeds each with its own characteristics. Research will help find the breed with the best fit for you, your home and your way of life. There will be breeds you haven’t thought about, ones you know little about or ones you have never heard of. Once again, the Kennel Club is a good place to start for information on all breeds.

Finding More Breed Information

The Kennel Club Website is a good place to start your research into breeds, but you will need to find out more in-depth information before you make a final choice.  Reading Breed Club websites and talking to existing owners and breeders will give you a better understanding.  Don’t just look for the positives ask what challenges come with owning the breed.  Ensure you understand any health issues which may affect the breed.

Discover Dogs

Consider going along to Discover Dogs, an event run by the Kennel Club to promote responsible dog ownership, where you will be able to see many breeds and speak with experienced owners.  The Southern Border Terrier Club co-ordinates the Border Terrier stand at Discover Dogs.  Members and their dogs are on the stand to meet and share information about the breed.

Alternatives to Getting a Puppy

Getting a puppy is not the only option when looking for a dog.  You could consider taking on an older dog from a breeder or giving a home to a rescue dog.  The charity Border Terrier Welfare’s purpose is to care for and find homes for Border Terriers in need. 

Is A Border Terrier Right For You?

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