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Border Terriers Today by Ann Roslin Will
Border Terrier - Dog Expert K Wilkinson.

Border Terriers Today 

Book of the Breed Series

by Anne Roslin-Williams

A book for the true enthusiast. The history of the Border is traced to its present-day status as show, working and family dog. Advice is given on choosing a puppy, feeding, exercise and training, moving on to the more specialised areas of breeding Border Terriers and rearing a litter. 


ISBN-10: 1860540066

ISBN-13: 978-1860540066

Border Terrier -

Dog Expert

by Kathy Wilkinson

This Dog Expert guide gives you all the information need to provide your Border Terrier with the care and training that will enable him to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Learn about training & socialisation, border terrier behaviour, the history of the breed, feeding & nutrition, grooming & health care.

ISBN-10: 1906305668

ISBN-13: 978-1906305666

Border Terriers:

An Owner's Companion

by Frank & Jean Jackson

Topics covered include the history and purpose of the breed; breed standards and showing and judging. Care, management and training; breeding, pregnancy and whelping; and ailments - general and breed-specific - are also covered in addition to the Border Terrier around the world.

ISBN-10: 1861266405

ISBN-13: 978-1861266408

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