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Southern Border Terrier Club Judges Lists

(Revised annually, expires 31st December 2024)

Southern Border Terrier Club Judges Lists

Societies and Associations wishing to obtain a copy of the current Judges List in order to select suitable judges for Border Terrier classes may download the current list using the above link or contact the Secretary of the Club. 

Criteria For Inclusion On The Judges Lists

A joint criteria has been adopted by all seven UK Border Terrier Breed Clubs, eligibility for inclusion on each section of the list is detailed on the current lists as above.


The Southern Border Terrier Club welcomes applications at any time from experienced or aspirant judges wishing to be considered for inclusion on one of our lists. To be considered for the following years list please ensure your application is forwarded to the Secretary by no later than our Open Show date of preceding year.  

We ask that relevant certificates are included. 

Changes in Contact Details

Judges included on the Club's lists are reminded that it is their responsibility to inform the Club Secretary of any changes in contact details. 


The Club would appreciate judges checking the above lists and informing the Club Secretary if any amendments are required.

Judges Educational Programme (Breed Show) 

The judge’s competency framework (JCF) underwent an independent review in 2019. One of the recommendations was that a new name should be adopted for the framework. In June 2020 the Kennel Club announced that the new name was to be known as the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows).

The Breed Education Co-ordinator for Border Terriers is Jayne Gillam Email:

Information about the Judging and the Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) can be found at:

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