One of the main tasks for the Club is to produce a Yearbook. The Editor, works hard to bring together an informative and entertaining record of the Club and the breed during the past year. The book includes results, news, pedigrees, pictures and news from a wide range of Border Terrier events including shows, agility, obedience, good citizen - anything a Border can get up to. However, this is a Club book and like the club, it relies on its members for its a success. 


The Yearbook is sent out to all fully paid up members of the Club.

You can get involved in the Yearbook in the following ways:

Articles & News

Every year we are very grateful to receive articles, news and stories, particularly about club events throughout the year, illustrated with good quality photographs of interest. Please let the editor have these as soon as possible before the end of March.


Kennel Reviews

Taking a page in the Yearbook is a fantastic way to celebrate your Borders and share them with other Club members. Kennel Reviews can be in colour or black and white and are £40 per page for copy submitted by 31st March and £45 for latter submissions. This allows for wording and two photographs per page.


New CC Winners

The Yearbook includes details of all new cc winners including wins, photographs and pedigrees. Please forwars your details to the Editor as soon as possible.


If we can have your contribution in an electronic format that would be great but if you are still using more traditional methods, then that is fine too.

Contact Us


The Southern Border Terrier Club is not able to provide details of puppies available or give out breeders contact details without prior permission.
Before contacting the Club regarding purchasing a puppy please refer to the information provided on our dedicated pages as well as 

the Kennel club website.





Please note: It is not always possible to send an immediate response to enquires. 

Due to work commitments the secretary is not available to answer queries on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

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