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Puppy enquiries and information

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Due to the exceptionally high demand for puppies in the present covid19 restrictions, the Southern Border Terrier Club is unable to respond to individual emails regarding puppy enquiries.

Please refer to the information provided below and the Kennel club website regarding purchasing a puppy. 


The Southern Border Terrier Club aims to support responsible dog ownership and dog breeding by helping potential owners with breed information and advice, the club is unable to keep a record of puppies available and does not normally give out breeders contact details without prior permission. The membership information we hold is controlled by GDPR regulations. Please see more information here: Getting a Border Terrier


The present restrictions to control covid-19 have caused many people to consider getting a dog.  Consequently, many breeders and canine organisations including the Southern Border Terrier Club are receiving an increased number of enquires for puppies and dogs. 

The present time at home is an ideal time to do research into whether getting a dog is right for you.  Find out all you can about the breed and where you will look for a puppy when the time is right.  However, now is not a great time to bring a new dog into our lives.  So many normal and necessary aspects of raising a puppy are restricted, everything from bringing home a piece of bedding from the breeder to provide comfort to the puppy, to socialising puppies with other dogs and people, to attending training classes to mention a few.  For you to fully enjoy the joys of owning a puppy and to give your puppy the best opportunity of growing into a happy well-adjusted adult we would advise waiting for a more settled time.


At no time should dog ownership be undertaken without proper consideration and research. It is a long-term commitment and anyone thinking about getting a dog or puppy should first ask themselves if this is right for them and for the dog. Potential dog owners need to ensure they are ready to invest the time and resources which responsible dog ownership entails. 

Responsible breeders who do have puppies have more enquiries than puppies available and long waiting lists for future litters.

Many of the reputable breeders, who are members of the Southern Border Terrier Club, are restricting access to their contact details due to the number of puppy enquiries they are receiving.  Only a few are choosing to breed whilst restrictions remain in place.

The Breed Information pages of our website provides information that the potential dog owner should consider under normal circumstances. However, the present restrictions create extra questions that the potential new dog owner should ask to ensure the breeders are adhering to the Kennel Club Welfare requirements. Kennel Club welfare requirements include; how many times a bitch may be bred from, the age at which a bitch is mated, the gap between litters from a bitch, amongst others.

We are now seeing litters advertised on the internet at increasingly high prices.  This is a trend which is of great concern to the Southern Border Terrier Club. Few, if any are advertised by breeders, know to the Club. In addition to the high prices, some of the advertised litters have other reasons to cause concern, such as Kennel Club registered parents producing non-Kennel Club registered litters. Though this may not seem like a great concern to those looking for a pet Border Terrier, they should be aware that it can indicate a breeder is not adhering to Kennel Club welfare requirements. Be aware that increased puppy prices are a temptation to unscrupulous breeders to breed without proper consideration to the welfare of the bitch and puppies. Breeding more often, breeding without an appropriate break between litters, breeding from younger or older bitches. Our advice is to be wary of breeders who are taking advantage of the present high demand to produce more puppies and charge high prices.  At this time, it is more important than ever to ensure you are buying from a responsible breeder. The unscrupulous breeder is keen for you to buy a puppy and will wish to give the impression that they are a reputable breeder. To recognise them you must do your research and know how to spot the warning signs. If in doubt walk away.

It has also been brought to the attention of the Club that puppies are being bought from breeders and sold on for a profit by the new owners. It is illegal for anyone but the breeder to sell a puppy of under 6 months of age, puppies must be sold from the premises where they were born. If for any reason a new owner cannot keep the puppy it should be returned to the breeder. Under no circumstances should a puppy be purchases from other than the breeder.



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