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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Sunday 5th March 2023

Judge: Matt Smith (Alncroft)

Churchdown Community Centre Parton Road Churchdown, Gloucester, GL3 2JH

Show Opens: 9.00am - AGM 10:00am - Judging: Not Before 11.00am


Best In Show Ch Awbrooksky Never Back Down JW

Reserve Best In Show Rockslade Russian Roulette JW

Best Opposite Sex Rockslade Russian Roulette JW

Best Puppy Dassett Upsy Daisy

Best Veteran Ch Cedarhill Wish Upon A Star JW

Best Dog Ch Awbrooksky Never Back Down JW

Reserve Best Dog Glenaig Huntsman By Badgerbeck

Best Bitch Rockslade Russian Roulette JW

Reserve Best Bitch Ch Cedarhill Wish Upon A Star JW

Best Puppy Dog Dassett Igglepiggle

Best Puppy Bitch Dassett Upsy Daisy

Oldest Veteran Bromsden Bairnkine Brogue

Many thanks to the club for the invitation to judge at their show and for their hospitality. Thank you to my stewards, and the exhibitors for entering under me. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was pleased with the quality present. Many of the classes were close decisions and coats played a big part in final standings. Whilst I didn’t find any dogs that I couldn’t span, having spent a lifetime around working terriers some of the bitches in particular were on the larger end of the scale for preference.

Minor Puppy - Dog Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st - Hawcoat Solo Soldier (Mrs E J & Miss R C Larner) Good size youngster. Pleasing head with good strength to muzzle, ears need to settle a little but okay in shape and size. Good length of neck, he is of good length and narrow, comfortably spanned and in good coat.

Puppy - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 1

1st - Dassett Igglepiggle (Mrs S Spafford) Eye catching and mature for his age. Lovely outline, standing on well boned legs with tight feet. Strong in head but not overdone, good neck and shoulder. Well ribbed back with strong loin and a well made rear. Moves with good reach and drive BPD.

2nd - Roxambor Sundance Kid (Mr B J & Mrs A E Read) Another fairly mature pup although not as quite up together on the move as 1, but certainly wasn’t a poor mover. Strong head, excellent pelt and in good coat. Of good size and comfortably spanned.

3rd - Arunmere For Fox Sake (Miss J Hughes)

Junior - Dog Entries: 4 Absentees: 2

I was really splitting hairs between these two, both decent youngsters that could change places on another day.

1st - Dandyhow Postman Pat (Mrs K M Irving) Won this class on his profile movement, with well constructed hindquarters giving him good drive on the move matched by good reach in front. Quality head, of good strength to muzzle. Ample neck, good length of ribbing, easily spanned with a good pelt and coat. Would prefer a touch higher tailset. Pushed hard for higher honours.

2nd - Glebeheath Oh Boy JW (Mrs J Guvercin). There is much to like about this lad as well. Another pleasing head, with a lovely front, straight legs and neat feet. Looks a picture coming towards on the move, not quite as fit as 1. Narrow all through and well turned out.

Yearling - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st - Cobstoneway Stand By Me JW (Mr R & Mrs J Stevens) Well balanced dog with a decent front and strong hindquarters. Good for length and narrow enough, good topline and well ribbed back with firm short loin. Coat coming in.

2nd - Roxambor on the Dance Floor (Mr B J & Mrs A E Read) Stronger dog than 1, okay in neck. Not in the best of jackets today but good pelt. In good hard condition, with good topline, straight in front. Playing his handler up a touch on the move.

Novice - Dog Entries: 5 Absentees: 4

1st - Roxambor Tap to the Music (Mr B J & Mrs A E Read) Up to size dog but still spannable, Good skull, okay in neck, well muscled, good texture to coat.

Post Graduate - Dog Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1st - Badgerbeck The King Edward (Miss L M Jenkins) Scores well for size, plenty of bone. Looks a touch heavy in front but has a thick coat and was the easiest spanned in the class, although I would prefer a bit more return of upper arm. Strong short muzzle, good eye and neat ears. Straight mover coming and going.

2nd - Alcumlow Aramis (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber) Taller dog than 1. Okay in head with good muzzle. Good neck and well made front. Good length of ribbing, good coat and pelt. Covers the ground well on the move.

3rd - Black Nightshade (Mrs G White)

Limit - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st - Earthtaw Making the Day (Miss J Haydon) Good size, in good coat. Straight front, standing on neat feet. Comfortably spanned, well ribbed back with good firm loin.

2nd - Fisherbloom Dont Stop Me Now At Louajak (Miss C Gwilliam) Lacking in coat today. Narrow all through, good legs and feet. Good length and balanced. Showed well.

Open - Dog Entries: 9 Absentees: 0

1st - Ch Awbrooksky Never Back Down JW (Mr R & Miss L Goddard). Quality young dog, who was presented and handled very well. Excellent size and balance. Moves well all ways. Good in skull, enough muzzle, good mouth and teeth. Pleasing neck flowing in to well laid shoulder, really easily spanned. Good bone and neat feet. Correct length and topline. Didn’t stop showing, very happy to award him BD and BIS.

2nd - Glenaig Huntsman By Badgerbeck (Miss L M Jenkins) Different in type to 1, more cobby, there is a lot to like about him. Turned out in good coat with a very good pelt. Eye catching head of good strength but not over done, with neat ears. Straight in front standing on the best of feet. Spannable, well muscled and balanced. Straight coming and going. RBD

3rd - Onthill Marksman At Ragatam (Miss T Peacock)

Res - Rock Sam At Raisbeck (Mrs G Hyslop)

VHC - Ragatam Eros (Mr M F Gooding & Mrs J Yates)

Veteran - Dog Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st - CH Kgills King Of Swing At Awbrooksky ShCM (Mr & Miss Goddard) Good sized dog, looking well for his age. Pleasing head with neat front, well balanced, moves well all ways.

2nd - Bristoc Rock The Boat at Bluebabel (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yates) okay for size, good strong head. Well off for neck. Okay. in shoulder. Straight front and good feet, well ribbed back.

Special Beginners - Dog or Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 4

1st - Howthwaite Gertrude (Mr P Oakman) Nice sized bitch with good neck and shoulder. With plenty of coat. Narrow enough through body. A little square, moved ok.

2nd - Ragatam Isla At Louajak (Miss C Gwilliam) Another lacking in some coat today. Pretty, feminine head. Narrow all through, enough depth. Comfortably spanned. Shown in good fit condition.

Minor Puppy - Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 2

1st - Olliesorchids Vintage Fizz (Mr R & Mrs D Symons) lovely sized bitch in good coat. Nice feminine head with neat ears. Good neck and topline. Enough bone with good feet. Nicely balanced. Moved well when settled. Promising pup.

2nd - Earthtaw Oh Flamingo (Miss J Haydon) similar remarks apply to 2. Slightly better in shoulder, good legs and feet, had a bit less coat on the day. Moved well when settled.

Puppy - Bitch Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

Competitive class.

1st - Dassett Upsy Daisy (Mrs S Spafford) eye catching pup with a lovely head. Beautifully turned out and well handled. Front legs perfectly straight, of good bone and very neat feet. Good neck, okay in shoulder. Well ribbed back. Comfortably spanned. Hopefully she won’t grow on too much more. But very promising. Moves well all ways. BPB & BPIS.

2nd - Alcumlow Monet's Garden (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber) another very nice pup. Strong but feminine head. Good neck and shoulder with good upperarm. Comfortably spanned. Good mover, particularly in profile. Well balanced.

3rd - Yeomeadow Fig (Mrs V King)

Res - Glenaig Gleeful (Miss C Spencer)

VHC - Good Golly Miss Molly At Martifers (Mr M & Mrs J Sharp)

Junior - Bitch Entries: 9 Absentees: 2

The first three in particular could change places on another day.

1st - Earthtaw Nessa Jenkins (Miss J Haydon) lovely sized bitch with good bone. Strong head and good strength to muzzle. Standing on good legs and feet. Okay in neck. Good topline. Well balanced. Good free mover.

2nd - Kenzduo Blue Smurfette (Mr T Goddard) Good sized bitch, a bit less bone than 1 but has enough. Pretty feminine head with good eye. Another with straight front legs and good feet. Turned out well, moved with good reach and drive. Good balance.

3rd - Penarkwood Dancing Brave (Mr M F Gooding & Mrs J Yates)

Res - Stars Aligned With Alcumlow (Miss E Evans & Miss R Barber)

VHC - Brankell Angeleyes At Nantcoch (Mrs J M Phillips)

Yearling - Bitch Entries: 4 Absentees: 3

1st - Onthill Crystal Clear To Foxpaw (Mrs H Fulker). Well presented and handled. Super head. Narrow through the body with a good straight front, body of good length. Comfortably spanned. Moved okay.

Novice - Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 3

1st - Roxambor Magical Mystery (Mr B J & Mrs A E Read). Strong bitch in good coat with a very good pelt. In fit, hard condition. Best shoulder in the class. Comfortably spanned. Moves okay in profile with good drive from behind.

2nd - Howthwaite Gertrude (Mr P Oakman).

3rd - Penarkwood Secret Weapon (Mr M Yates & Mrs J Gooding)

Post Graduate - Bitch Entries: 7 Absentees: 2

1st - Rockslade Russian Roulette JW (Miss G Lowe & Mr T Miles). A very honest bitch, unexaggerated and very pleasing to go over. Turned out in excellent condition with a good coat and pelt. Strong muzzle. Good eye and expression with neat ears. Moderate length of neck, good in shoulder and enough return of upperarm. Straight front legs. Would prefer tighter feet. Good width to body. Comfortably spanned. Nicely balanced. Pleasing action on the move. Shown and handled well. Pleased to award her best bitch, BOS and RBIS.

2nd - Emblehope One Wish For Cedarhill (Mrs C Dean). Pushed the winner of this class hard but sadly lacking in coat today. Beautiful head. Good size all through. Good neck and shoulder. Standing on good feet. Correct topline. Good tailset with tail of good length.

3rd - Mysulan Easy Going With Fryerfold (Mrs S J Stephenson)

Res - Clydebeck Tanzanite (Mrs S & Mr M & Miss J Taylor)

VHC - Roxambor Loving the Music (Mr B J & Mrs A E Read)

Limit - Bitch Entries: 10 Absentees: 4

1st - Olliesorchid Dame at Ragatam (Miss T J Peacock). Bitch of good size, turned out in good double coat and condition. Pleasing head. Good neck, shoulder and upperarm. Excellent pelt. Well ribbed back with good firm loin. Good outline, moves very well in profile. Considered in the challenge.

2nd - Awbrooksky Breathe A Sigh (Mr R & Miss L Goddard). A bitch of lovely size. A little more upright than 1 but well balanced. Comfortably spanned. Shows herself well. Good legs and very neat feet. Coat just coming in.

3rd - Foxfactor Happy Go Lucky JW (Mrs K D Stockley)

Res - Arunmere Annie Oakley (Miss J Hughes)

VHC - Bluebabel Gypsy Heart (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yeates)

Open - Bitch Entries: 10 Absentees: 3

1st - Tarkaswell Sea The Stars (Mrs C E Sansom). Lovely, well made bitch. Well turned out, presents a good outline. Strong but feminine head. Good neck and shoulder. Excellent topline. Narrow with good depth to body, comfortably spanned. Standing on good feet. Moves well in profile. Not quite on top form today.

2nd - CH Alcumlow Bloom JW (Mr P, Mrs B & Miss R Barber). There is a lot to like about this bitch. A larger bitch than 1. Very pleasing in profile. In good coat and condition and shown well. Lovely neck and shoulder. Very well balanced. Neat in front. Well made hindquarters. Very pleasing in profile movement.

3rd - Digmoor Solar Aquarius (Mr M P & Mrs S V Regan)

Res - Otterholme Underground (Ms T Jones)

VHC - Borderxpress Echo Beach (Mr R Wright)

Veteran - Bitch Entries: 6 Absentees: 0

1st - CH Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star JW (Mrs C Dean). Beautiful bitch of super size. Belies her age. In tip top condition. Excellent double coat. Good head, correct eye and ear, good strength to muzzle. Good shoulder. Lovely topline with correct tailset. Well made hindquarters. Moved well all ways. Pleased to award her BVIS and RBB today.

2nd - Clydebeck Solitaire (Mrs S & Mr M & Miss J Taylor). Another veteran in excellent condition. Lovely head with good neat ears. Nice reach of neck with good legs and feet. Nicely balanced. Showed and moved well.

3rd - Foxfactor Fancy Free (Mrs K Stockley)

Res - CH Cobstoneway Love Song JW ShCM (Mrs G Stevens)

VHC - Bromsden Bairnkine Brogue (Mrs L J Vintcent)

Special Open Working Dog or Bitch Entries: 0 Absentees: 0


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