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Judge: Julie Price (Oxcroft)


Dog CC & Best In Show: Thornheswin Ring Of Fire

Reserve Dog CC 7 Reserve Best In Show: Thornheswin Huntsman

Bitch CC & Best Opposite Sex: CH Wintergarden Bluestocking At Tythrop

Reserve BCC: Blaisdon Mekya Mindup Mavis At Fevstone

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show: Arunmere Artemis

Best Puppy Dog: Fevstone Polar Ajax at Saxheath

Best Veteran: Caznray Just A Mystery From Thornheswin

Thank you to all at the Southern Border Terrier Club for the invitation to judge your championship show this year, it was a great honour and privilege. The weather was hot and the venue was good to gain some shade for the dogs and myself! I had two very capable stewards who kept things running smoothy throughout the day, so thank to Kathleen Haugh and Sophie Liggat for their support. I really enjoyed my day and was more than happy with my winners. Thank you again for your hospitality.

I was looking for type, gameness, soundness and dogs that were fit to do a day’s work whilst not losing any attributes of the breed standard. Some exhibits were rather well muscled around the shoulders which made it difficult to feel the lay of the shoulders and this would also restrict their ability to go to ground. As a breed I think we are losing the otter heads and keen expressions which distinguishes the Border Terrier from other terrier breeds. A lady contacted me a week after the show and explained that she had attended the show during some of the bitch classes as she was looking to purchase a puppy having recently lost two of her old Borders. She explained she was now thinking of buying another breed as the dogs in the show ring did not look like the Borders she had had previously. She felt that they did not have the characteristic otter heads, and sadly I had to agree with her.

Overall, most dogs were fit for purpose and I am sure you all took the best dog home with you. In the current financial climate, all your entries were valuable to the club and it was a pleasure and an honour to go over your dogs.

Minor Puppy – Dog (Entries: 1, Absentees: 0)

1st - Ravenside Play The Game Kersfell (Mrs M Sneddon)

Eights month old, with a masculine head and lovely large teeth. Nice type with a lovely reach of neck flowing into laid back shoulders and narrow front. Good rear angulation and movement, front movement was better once settled.

Puppy – Dog (Entries: 5, Absentees: 0)

1st - Fevstone Polar Ajax at Saxheath (Mrs A Heathcote)

10-month-old Blue and Tan which showed very well. Correct mouth with large teeth. Good size and body proportions, would like a more masculine head to complete the picture. Good topline and racy hindquarters. Best for movement in this class. BPD

2nd - Ravenside Play The Game Kersfell (Mrs M Sneddon)

As before

3rd - Digmoor Turn The Page (Mrs S V Regan)

Nice sized 10-month young dog with balanced body proportions but would have like a stronger head to complete the picture. Good coat and pelt, good bend of stifle when stood, nice tail, moved and showed well

Res - Hawcoat Solo Soldier (Mrs E J & Miss R C Larner)

VHC - Roxambor Sun Dance Kid (Mr B J & Mrs A E Read)

Junior – Dog (Entries: 3, Absentees: 1)

Two very different types here

1st - Arunmere For Fox Sake (Miss J Hughes)

Love the name. Nice young dog overall, with appealing head and expression. Leaner narrower and racier than 2. Nice tight feet, moved okay and kept a level topline when settled. A little short on coat today.

2nd - Foxfactor Spick 'N Span At Northborders (Miss J North)

Deeper and rounder in brisket than 1 also a little heavier. Level top line when on the move and stood. Good rear angulation and bend of stifle, showed well.

Yearling – Dog (Entries: 6, Absentees: 2)

1st - Stineval Lambert JW (Mr A & Mrs C Horner)

Most balanced dog in this class, nice head and expression with neat v shaped ears, shown in tip top condition with good shoulder placement, however, slightly carrying a bit too much muscle around the withers which may have affected his front movement today. Good rear angulation and moved with drive.

2nd - Arunmere No Fox Given (Mrs D A Kelly)

Please head and expression. Good length of neck and shoulder placement, flat ribs, easily spanned and good length of loin, just not making the most of himself in this class.

3rd - Raedwulf Nightfall JW (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)

Smaller dog than the other two in this class, easily spanned with good shoulders and racy throughout. Correct carrot tail and set on. Shown with a tight jacket

Res - Foxchapel Perfect Day with Foxcourt (Ms S P Greenway)

Novice – Dog (Entries: 7, Absentees: 2)

1st - Arunmere No Fox Given (Mrs D A Kelly)

More settled in this class, moved better and held his topline on the move.

2nd - Fevstone Polar Ajax at Saxheath (Mrs A Heathcote)

As before

3rd - Foxfactor Spick 'N Span At Northborders (Miss J North)

As before

Res - Onthill Midnight Storm (Mr R & Mrs A Ramus)

VHC - Roxambor Sun Dance Kid (Mr B J & Mrs A E Read)

Post Graduate – Dog (Entries: 9, Absentees: 2)

1st - Cobstoneway Stand By Me JW (Mr R & Mrs J Stevens)

Good head with broad skull and a kind expression. Clean outline with his under carriage being gradual and not steep as one with a shorter length of body. Straight forelegs. Good length of body, easily spanned. Good topline maintained on the move. Good angulation both front and rear. Shown in full coat today which made him look heavier than he really was. Moved soundly.

2nd - Duke of York Fiery Lucifer To Stowthorney (Mr R Brewster & Ms J Green)

Blue and Tan dog with moderate width of skull, shallow stop and keen expression, just lacked power in his bottom jaw. Well laid back shoulders, good length of body, level top line and good tail set. Narrow throughout and easily spanned. Shown in a good double jacket with harsh top coat. Movement not as true as 1.

3rd - Tulawyn Garretson by Onthill (Mr R & Mrs A Ramus)

Grizzle of moderate size. Masculine head with dark eye. Good length of neck and level topline. Deeper in brisket and heavier in shoulder than the winner of this class. Well angulated hindquarters. Shown in a harsh coat with excellent pelt.

Res - Badgerbeck The King Edward (Miss L M Jenkins)

VHC - Foxchapel Perfect Day with Foxcourt (Ms S P Greenway)

Mid Limit – Dog (Entries: 4, Absentees: 0)

1st - Glen Mara Oh Viedo At Kersfell JW (Mrs M Sneddon)

Best mover by far in his class. Grizzle dog with broad skull and dark eye. Correct dentation. Easily spanned with a narrow front and excellent laid back shoulders. Narrow and racy with good rear angulation.

2nd - Beaconpike Dionysus (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Shown in his underclothes today, and I bet he was glad in the heat. Grizzle dog with masculine head with a dark eye, keen expression, strong muzzle and large teeth. Easily spanned and narrow throughout.

3rd - Baillieswells Ncn'ean (Miss T J Peacock)

Shown in excellent condition but heavier and wider in shoulder than first two.

Res - Fisherbloom Dont Stop Me Now At Louajak (Miss C Gwilliam)

Limit – Dog (Entries: 9, Absentees: 1)

1st - Thornheswin Huntsman (Mr. J.C.Dixon)

lovely Blue and Tan dog, which I thought was going to be my ticket winner until his kennel mate entered the ring in the Open dog class. (Who I now know to be his half-brother). Lovely head with keen expression. Correct size with a good length of leg and small tight feet. Good length of body with clean outline, balanced and best mover in this class. RDCC, Res BIS.

2nd - Barkanellie Blackadder (Mr I & Mrs J Taylor)

A nice sized dog, with a good head and expression. Good neck & shoulders, with a straight front and easily spanned. Strong hindquarters & correct tail set.

3rd - Gwynfe Carreg Glas of Foxchapel (Mr W & Mrs V Davies)

Deeper in chest than first two and carrying a bit of extra weight today

Res - Chesterton Merlot (Mr A J & Mrs W Mooney)

VHC - Benattivo Charlie Brown (Mrs S J & Mr C P Girling)

Open – Dog (Entries: 6, Absentees: 0)

1st - Thornheswin Ring Of Fire (Mr J C Dixon)

This dog caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring, game and alert with a presence about him that I could not ignore. Red grizzle, shown in plenty of coat, with the best otter head of the day. He had a keen expression, neat ears and a powerful jaw. Good length of neck, flowing into laid back shoulders and narrow front, standing on small, neat feet. Easily spanned, a balanced terrier, fit and capable of doing a day’s work. Good rear angulation, covered the ground with ease and moved well. DCC & BOB

2nd - CH Yorkpiece Fiery Lucifer (Mrs J L Lee)

Blue and Tan, with a pleasing expression, again with a good length of neck, flowing into laid back shoulders and narrow front, standing on small neat feet. Easily spanned with flat ribs and narrow throughout, good rear angulation, moved very well and a proper showman.

3rd - CH Otterbobs Tolson (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)

Another showman in the mix here, presented in tip top condition. Thought he was just a little too well muscled for my liking, making him a little heavy in the shoulder which affected his front movement today.

Res - The Joker Let's Rock and Roll to Fevstone (Mrs D Bullen)

VHC - Tojamatt Rhythm N'blues at Raedwulf (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)

Veteran – Dog (Entries: 2, Absentees: 1)

1st - Bristoc Rock The Boat at Bluebabel (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yates)

Excellent for an old boy just shy of 11 years old. Spannable with a good otter head and strong jaw. Good underline and moved okay.

Special Open Working Dog or Bitch (Entries: 0, Absentees: 0)

Minor Puppy – Bitch (Entries: 7, Absentees: 1)

1st - Arunmere Artemis (Mrs A Parsons)

Lovely little bitch, six-month-old with a feminine otter head, narrow front and good lay of shoulders and small neat feet. Lovely outline and moved well with confidence. Best Puppy

2nd - Arunmere Nighthawk (Miss J Hughes)

Blue and Tan bitch, litter sister to winner, similar comment as 1 with a good topline and rear angulation, head not as good as winner.

3rd - Stineval Sasha (Mr A & Mrs C Horner)

Eight-month-old puppy with slightly heavier and wider shoulders then first two. A nice size and shape, pleasing head with flat skull, easily spanned body with good topline.

Res - Thistlestone Winter's Gold (Miss J & Mr S May & Whisker)

VHC - Badgerbrook Bright Skies (Miss L M Jenkins)

Puppy – Bitch (Entries: 3, Absentees: 1)

1st - Fevstone Rosie Posie (Ms M Masefield)

Smaller of the two puppies in this class with a pleasing feminine head and keen expression. Good narrow front and good shoulders. Good length of rib, level topline and racy hindquarters.

2nd - Onziemehurst Milly Earhart (Miss A Nettle)

Just spannable and a little deeper in brisket than winner.

Junior – Bitch (Entries: 7, Absentees: 0)

1st - Blaisdon Mekya Mindup Mavis At Fevstone (Mrs D Bullen)

Blue and Tan bitch of handy size, with the best otter head in this class. Easily spanned and with a narrow front. Lovely feminine head and expression, would just like a little more power in her bottom jaw. Good topline and stood on small cat like feet. Moved and showed well. RBCC

2nd - Yeomeadow Fig (Mrs V King)

Lovely otter head, but not has balanced as winner as she was slightly wider in front with a deeper brisket, and shorter body length. Moved well once settled

3rd - Dassett Upsy Daisy (Mrs S Spafford)

Smart grizzle bitch, heavier in shoulder and wider in front than first two.

Stood and showed well.

Res - Ragatam Isla At Louajak (Miss C Gwilliam)

VHC - Onthill Dolly Daydream (Mr R & Mrs A Ramus)

Yearling – Bitch (Entries: 11, Absentees: 2)

1st - Bohamer York'ist Celeste By Tythrop (Mrs J L Lee)

Lovely bodied bitch in correct proportions, nice straight front and flat ribs showed and moved well. Kept her level topline whilst on the move. Would have liked a more ottery head to complete the picture. Well presented in excellent blue and tan jacket.

2nd - Howthwaite Gertrude (Mr P Oakman)

Smaller bitch than winner with a lovely otter head and large nostrils, but a little shorter in body and deeper in brisket than winner, so not as balanced overall.

3rd - Tojamatt Lacemaker (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)

A finer-boned bitch who stood and showed well. A little wider in the front than previous two with a weaker head and expression. Nice reach of neck, straight forelegs with small, neat feet, she was long in body with her ribs carried well back and a well-set, carrot-like tail.

Res - Howthwaite Gaan Divilish (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)

VHC - Cynetkoy's Penny Lane (Mr S D Watson & Mrs A S Kenna)

Novice – Bitch (Entries: 14, Absentees: 8)

1st - Dassett Upsy Daisy (Mrs S Spafford)

Won this class on movement today.

2nd - Barkanellie Flashheart (Mr I & Mrs J Taylor)

A neat small bitch that was easily spanned with a straight front but a little deep in the brisket. Good topline and lacking in rear angulation and did not move with drive.

3rd - Olliesorchids Vintage Fizz (Mr R & Mrs D Symons)

Heavier in shoulder and wider in front than the other two. Pleasing head and expression with a good reach of neck. Level topline, but short in loin with good tail set.

Res - Alcumlow Paint The Roses Of Mansergh (Miss A Roslin Williams)

VHC - Ebffiniau Western Dancer (Miss E Brinkley)

Post Graduate – Bitch (Entries: 8, Absentees: 2)

1st - Ragatam Brodie (Miss T J Peacock)

Grizzle bitch of a nice size and weight with a feminine head with a good bite. Narrow throughout, easily spanned and with a good length of rib. Loose pelt with good harsh coat. A nice, balanced bitch who kept her topline on the move. Pleasing outline and the best mover in this class.

2nd - Howthwaite Gertrude (Mr P Oakman)

As before

3rd - Beaconpike Solstice (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

A slightly heavier bitch than the other two with good rear angulation, just tucked up a little short on the underline as she was deeper in brisket.

Res - Rockslade Russian Roulette JW (Miss G Lowe & Mr T Miles)

VHC - Arunmere Annie Oakley (Miss J Hughes)

Mid Limit – Bitch (Entries: 6, Absentees: 3)

Only three in this class, all of different types.

1st - Liatch Madame Pommery at Wilholme JW (Mr D Shields & Ms I Glen)

Grizzle bitch of correct size, and easily spanned. Good reach of neck into narrow front and straight legs. Keen expression, neat ears and large teeth, would have like more substance around the muzzle and not just whiskers. Presented in superb coat and condition, moved okay.

2nd - Raedwulf Mata Hari JW (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)

A smaller but heavier bitch than the winner with the best of heads in this class. A little wide in shoulder. Good rear angulation and bend of stifle, shown in tip top condition.

3rd - Foxcourt Amber Spirit Gambler (Ms S P Greenway)

A much heavier bitch than the first two and also deeper in brisket. Pleasing head expression and neat ears. Level topline and good tail set.

Limit – Bitch (Entries: 16, Absentees: 6)

1st - Tojamatt Seamstress (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)

Best in this class for breed type and movement. Nice sized bitch, not over done in any respect. Narrow throughout with lovely well laid back shoulders. Flat ribs and lovely underline. Stands well on neat small feet. A stronger head would have completed the picture.

2nd - Rockslade Ravishing (Mrs D E Harris)

Larger type of bitch overall than winner. Good head and expression but wider in front and deeper in brisket which unbalanced her. Good rear angulation, bend of stifle and correct tail-set and carrot-tail.

3rd - Beaconpike River Sky (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

A pretty bitch with a feminine head and a pale nose, but this would not affect its working ability. Nice narrow front and lovely gradual underline. Easily spanned, with a good length of rib. Well muscled, racy hind quarters.

Res - Bluebabel Gypsy Heart (Mr K P & Mrs N B Yeates)

VHC - Foxfactor Foxtrot With Knowbury (Mr D & Mrs C Nightingale)

Open – Bitch (Entries: 16, Absentees: 7)

1st - CH Wintergarden Bluestocking At Tythrop (Mrs J L Lee)

Quality Blue and Tan with the best of movement, front and rear of any other of the bitches shown today. Narrow, racy and easily spanned with flat ribs. Presented in good jacket and showed well. BCC

2nd - CH Howthwaite's Resolution (Mr R J & Mrs E A Barrett)

Feminine bitch, with a pleasing head, expression and neat ears. Well presented in great condition with a thick pelt, straight front, small feet. Well angulated rear and good bend of stifle, just shorter in the leg and not as racy as winner. Moved okay.

3rd - Thistlestone Pumkin Pie (Mr S Whisker & Miss J May)

Grizzle bitch with a nice otter head and keen expression. Front narrow and straight. Pleasing body lines and flat ribs. A little nervous today but moved okay.

Res - Otterholme Underground (Ms T Jones)

VHC - CH Mansergh Paint The Dream (Miss A Roslin Williams)

Veteran – Bitch (Entries: 8, Absentees: 2)

1st - Caznray Just A Mystery From Thornheswin (Mr J C Dixon)

9 years old, making her 2 years older than her handler. This bitch was still narrow and spannable and the most balanced of them all. Covered the ground well once settled.

2nd - Ger, NL, VDH CH Cynetkoy Pillow Talk (Mr S D Watson & Mrs A S Kenna)

7 years old, shorter in the leg than winner, still able to span her with good shoulder placement and moved okay.

3rd - Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath (Mrs A Heathcote)

7 years old, narrow enough throughout, but did not have the head of winner.

Res - CH Cobstoneway Love Song JW ShCM (Mrs G Stevens)

VHC - Glebeheath Gold'n Girl For Knowbury (Mr & Mrs D Nightingale)

Judge:Julie Price



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